Tri Something New

Whenever I feel passionately about something I throw myself into it completely.  That is exactly what happened when I started Full Sail's Education Media Design and Technology Master's Program last fall.  For the first two months I did nothing but eat-drink-sleep school.

I realized quickly enough that being so consumed by anything, even mind-blowing education, could have detrimental effects in other areas of my life.  While I was able to keep up with the demands of my job and household, my health, physical and mental, suffered.

To combat the mounting stress and malaise from keeping an unbalanced existence, I made a goal for myself: 3 Sprint Endurance Races in 2009.  There's something about the repetitive nature of endurance activities that has a meditative effect on me.  I feel at my best, physically and mentally, after I muscle through 2000 yards in a lap pool.  It's a total stress reliever.

Sure, training for endurance races takes a lot of time and dedication.  Even so, the extra energy it provides allows me to take on so much more.  I'm not out to win any medals, just to finish!

The first race I tackled was the Red Hills Triathlon here in Tallahassee and the second was the Muddy Buddy Adventure race at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  The third race is the Aquabike event taking place at the Orlando Women's Triathlon this weekend.

October is a big month for me.  So many of my goals are being realized.  This week it's the Aquabike event, next week it's graduation.  I can't help but be anxiously excited about what comes next!