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Saturday I heard the 4 words that grad students long to hear from their thesis advisers:


Taking full advantage of the democratization of the internet and my rights as a self-publisher, I've posted the beast here, in its entirety, for your reading enjoyment.

Technology Accessibility


Technological innovations have significantly changed the way information is provided by
government entities to their constituents. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of internetbased
services has made it the preferred way to do business. However, many such online
services are not accessible to everyone, particularly people with disabilities. In Florida, the goal
of accessible e-government services has not been achieved due to a lack of training among the
state employees who create the state’s electronic content. Despite the numerous gains associated
with the implementation of accessibility standards, the State of Florida will never realize their
full benefit until state employees are provided the training and support needed to increase the
accessibility of the electronic content they create.