el Wray Design on Blogger... Not really. And I know enough about identity theft NOT to post my middle name on the interweb...

But it only took me 5 days, not the full 14 allotted by the FREE trial, to decide I wanted to make the jump to Squarespace.  If you're a fan/follower/friend, you may recall I recently switched my site from a static HTML site to a dynamic blogging platform hosted by BloggerBlogger's been good to me and, as far as FREE services go, I shall always remember thee fondly...

But times are changing... I am changing... and so have my needs for a website.  Enter Squarespace.

What I heart about Squarespace is that I don't feel like I am sacrificing any creative control by being force-fed a cookie-cutter template.  If fact, through the marvels of CSS customization, I can make this site look however I darn well please.  What's even better is added the functionality Squarespace support will provide:

  • Journaling Features! Just like Blogger, Squarespace provides a blogging module, allowing me to post online from anywhere with an internet connection. Mobile posts-a-go-go are also a reality! Auto-archiving will save me bucus of time not having to organize/reorder my posts. Do I smell fresh content?

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! Each of my posts/content will be assigned individual URLs and will have their own webpage. More webpages = better indexing with Google. What does that mean? People will be able to find me... World, allow me to introduce el Wray.  el Wray, this is the World...

  • Collaborative Contributions! Fans/followers/friends will now be able to comment on my posts/content and offer feedback. Whats more, I can grant administrative rights to other users, allowing them to post content as "guest" contributors. Or... when I get too big for my britches, I can have interns do all the heavy lifting!

  • ePortfolio! Finally, an easier way to post/organize images of my work.

It's been less than a week and look how far I've come! Do I need to remind you that I am a full-time student, working a full-time job, who can't turn down a fun freelance project (even if it's unpaid)? My point... I am busy!  But look how easy Squarespace has made this transition! They're not even paying me to say this.

So over the next week, as my schedule permits, I will be transferring the most crucial content from my blog to what you see here... Get excited!

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