Collaboration Nation

I am very excited about a new collaboration with local artist Julie Guyot.  Julie and I teamed up earlier this year on a branding and web development project.  Since then, Julie has moved in more of a functional direction with her new ceramics line - Middlefork.  The line features re-purposed restaurant ware that Julie funkdafies with original drawings and text from her grandmother's letters from the 40's.  I savored my coffee out of one of Julie's mugs this very morning!

Julie is now creating unique and nostalgic pieces beyond the Middlefork collection.  To showcase this shift, Julie and I are going to consolidate her current website and blog into one cohesive portrait of where she's been and where she's headed as an artist.

Much of Julie's work is available for sale at Textures Handmade Market.  In fact, she is the featured artist there this Friday night (September 5, 2009) during Tallahassee's monthly First Friday Gallery Hop.

Did I mention I am going to usher Julie in the direction of Squarespace?