Gotta Keep Reading!

I am as proud as ever to be a graduate of Full Sail's Education Media Design and Technology (EMDT) program.  Check out the latest feather in their cap!  Inspiring minds through media...

Ocoee Middle School is the state technology demonstration school for Florida- showcased every year at FETC. Teachers are transported from the conference to the school to show how technology can greatly impact learning - and Full Sail is (as the principal says), "a BIG part of the change happening in her halls everyday." Her goal is to develop a mini-Full Sail at her school.

A few months ago the EMDT crew met with Sharyn Gabriel (principal) and a few staff to discuss a Flash Mob idea. They were so inspired by the Flash mob scene from the Oprah and Black Eyed Peas show - they wanted to try the same concept - educationally inspired. The band director and reading coach wrote the lyrics related to reading and literacy,- encouraging kids to prepare and read for the FCAT test.

The amazing Full Sail Online Production team made this all happen - they even let the Ocoee Middle School production class shadow them and gave them mini-lessons throughout the shooting process.

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