Drum Roll Please...

As you may recall, each month friends/fans/followers who subscribe to my mailing list are entered to win 2 FREE hours of service.

This month's winner is...

Maggie Willman!

Why does that name sound familiar?  Well, Maggie is one of the owners of Textures - Tallahassee raddest place to shop for handmade treasures.  Please don't judge me for using (and/or making up) the word "raddest" - it's the only description that fits!

Besides being a small business owner, Maggie makes/sells her own creations at Textures.  If you're like me and want to follow her every move, you can subscribe to her "She Makes Things With Her Hands" blog.

Needless to say, I am a bit intimidated to be working with such a creative genius, though I am really looking forward to this collaboration.

If you like FREE - Sign up for my mailing list and you too could win!  With December fast approaching, I'm itching to design some holiday cards! ...Just an idea!