Where will 2011 take you? Where will you take it?

Although the holidays tend to move at a frantic pace, many people take this time to reflect on the year gone by.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, the restrictions or have-tos we place on ourselves January 1 only to be forgotten about or ignored by February. I prefer, instead, to set flexible goals across various parts of my life - relationships, health, education, financial, service, travel, etc.

The only promise I make is to look at the list on the first of each month. 12 regular check-ins to see if I'm being the person I want to be and doing the things I said I want to do.

I’ve been involved in this practice for 5 years now, and while it’s not a sure fire way to cross all the things off my ultimate to-do list, it does keep me motivated or, at least, mindful of the big picture. I’ve been happier and more productive as a result.

To guide the reflection that goes into setting my 2011 goals, I’ve committed to completing a series exercises during the week after Christmas:

  1. Look for Themes/Trends in 2010
  2. Document Circles of Influence
  3. Compile a “Best of 2010" List
  4. Create a Vision Board
  5. Publish a “Life List”

While I don’t plan to share all my a-ha moments publicly, I do think there’s value in sharing some of your hopes/goals for the New Year. You never know when someone will have the answer you’re searching for or want to climb that mountain with you.

Emily Wraygoals, resolution