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Thanks to a recent post by Alex Hillman (Dangeously Awesome), I stumbled onto a kindred spirit -- Ashley Ambirge, a self-proclaimed lifestyle designer and a long lost sister... in the universal, humankind sense of the word.  Below is a rad excerpt from her blog, which I now feel compelled to follow.  Ashley has also been inspired by the ideas of Tim Feriss (4 Hour Work Week) and now I have been inspired by her.

  1. True living is more than just keeping your heart beating and a roof over your head. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that is “just how life goes.” There’s way more possibilities, and, yes, IT IS WORTH GOING AFTER.

    Be daring.

  2. Stop blowing yourself off; we get so upset when others blow off our ideas and desires, but we have no problem doing it to ourselves. Take your ideas, feelings, wants, wishes, yearns & urges seriously–those are your only true guide. Other people have no idea what’s best for you, so stop seeking their validation. Do what you need to do for you.

    Be confident.

  3. Stop doing everything by the book. It’s time to start drafting your own revised edition. Rules don’t always exist in the name of the greatest good; more often than not, they exist because someone wants to establish or maintain power. And that’s just not a good enough reason.

    Be inquisitive.

  4. Life is a series of choices. You choose every single direction that your life takes. Use it to your advantage.

    Be deliberate.

  5. There will be people out there who won’t support what you’re doing. Who cares. Trust yourself more, trust others less. That includes significant others.

    Be brave.

  6. Figure out what you value, and make the necessary changes to align your life with those values. If you value time more than money, stop working 60 hour work weeks. The only way you’ll get more time, is by doing less. It’s simple math.

    Be introspective.

  7. Speaking of money, IT ISN’T AS IMPORTANT AS WE’RE TAUGHT TO THINK IT IS. Money comes, and money goes, and it provides little value itself until you actually exchange it for something that is valuable to you. So, ask yourself that question. What do you value? That’s where the majority of the money you spend should be going.

    Be prudent.

  8. Having good intentions doesn’t yield results. Get off your a$$ and make it happen.

    Be zealous.

  9. Life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously. In the scheme of things, if you’re going to be late to work, it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t get an A, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re proven wrong about something, it doesn’t really matter. If your house isn’t as nice as your best friend’s, it doesn’t really matter. Relax, and enjoy the ride. Think big picture, not details. Will this matter in 100 years?

    Be panoramic.

  10. The world is not judging you as much as you think they are. Most people are too wrapped up in themselves to even notice what you’re doing. Drop the pride and have a little fun.

    Be lighthearted.

  11. Perhaps one of the greatest goals we can seek for ourselves is exhilaration. Are you exhilarated by your life?

    Be stimulated.

  12. When making decisions, always ask what’s more important. Thinking about canceling on an invitation to a friend’s baby shower or birthday party because you have too much work to do? Get your head out of your ass. Your friend is more important; work can always be done later. Nothing is that urgent. Relationships, however, are your foundation and you’d be lost without other human connections, so value them. And show it.

    Be thoughtful.

  13. You don’t just need to love yourself; you need to respect yourself. You’ll garner that respect by accomplishing things you’ve set out to do.

    Be relentless.

  14. Being content with your life and being proud to call it yours are two different things. Strive for the latter.

    Be courageous.

  15. Last but not least, wine should be drank with meals. Preferably Argentinian Malbec. It’s freaking delicious.

    Be delighted.

If I had to guess, I'd wager both Alex and Ashley have some sort of Google Alert set up to report back to them how often their names appear on the interweb.  If that is indeed the case and the aforementioned alert leads Alex or Ashley here to my site...  Drop me a quick note and let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes!