Album Artwork: Sarah Mac Band's New Single "Dead Revolutionaries"

About a month ago, Claire Swindell approached me about a collaboration with the Sarah Mac Band as a part of their "Single Revolution" project.  The conversation went something like this:

Claire: Would you be willing to do the album artwork for one of our "singles" we're putting out?

Emily: Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!  I want to do it!

Claire: Hooray!!!! I'll send you specs

Emily: Can't wait... I was just thinking how I wanted a new fun project to work on.

So Claire sent me the specs and the lyrics to their new single "Dead Revolutionaries" and off I went.  It's rare that I get to express total artist freedom, which is why this project was so much fun to be a part of.  Thanks SMB!

Dead Revolutionaries - 4pg Booklet Insert4pg Booklet Insert

Dead Revolutionaries - CD TrayCD Tray (inside and outside)

Dead Revolutionaries
by Sarah Mac Band

Oh, oh, oh, oh everything's so crazy
Everything's so strange
People running scared, they want answers
Oh Lord, we need a change.

It won't be long 'til all the little boys grow up
And they leave home
Grab the closest gun, a legacy their fathers begun

They are too young to understand how a bullet could ruin a man
So all of the mothers are lighting candles to the Virgin Mary
And praying for something to change.

We might be saved if we could hold out
For that coming day
Eyes search the sky seeking out any kind of sign
Dreaming big of what may come

Knowing full well that this is not enough
So everybody's lusting for dead revolutionaries
And hoping that something might change

Well everybody's lusting for dead revolutionaries
And hoping that something might change

Our fists raised high
A banner to march behind
A common heart to call our own and a name for the gathering storm
Take to the streets to raise our cry
And restore the faith that we thought had died

I'm a proud reminder that there is a generation that will lay down their lives to see a change
I am a mother, I will teach my children that there is no option but change
I am a father, I am raising sons of valor who will accept nothing less than change

We are the people we will stand together
We will voice the thunder of change