Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit

When I decided to leave my job in state government to further develop my own lifestyle business I began doing a lot of reading... Books like Rework, The E-Myth and The 4 Hour Work Week had a huge impact on my shifting paradigms of work, wealth and what I wanted out of both.

After I recovered from that Michael Gerber describes as the "entrepreneurial seizure" (the fit that ensues when you're sure you've got a brilliant idea), I realized that I need a basic road map to get me where I'm going.

Through all my research, no where did I more practical how-to information on setting up a sustainable lifestyle business than in Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit.

Chris has developed a unique business course based on the idea of baby-stepping toward your goals.  As my brainstorms became brain floods, I latched on to this particular approach to help organize and prioritize my efforts - my own personal floatation device.

Empire Building Kit

Empire Building Kit - What It’s All About

The goal of the Empire Building Kit is to help a select group of people build a sustainable lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day. Chris has received rave reviews from the first two groups of participants in April and May.

Today marks the 3rd launch of Chris' Empire Building Kit and my 30th day in the program.  Great things to come!

If you're not familiar with Chris' blog The Art of Non-Conformity... you should be.