Watch Out Aquabike - Ima comin' togetcha!

Movement is an important part of my life, whether it's exercise, travel or just learning something new - after sitting at a computer all day - it's a MUST!

Last year I ran the Orlando Women's Triathlon Sprint Aquabike Event.  That may sound like a lot of gobblygook, so please allow me to break it down: Swimming & Biking. That's it.  I love this event because it eliminates the run portion of a triathlon, which I truly detest and have only begrudingly endured in other races because one must in order to finish.

My goal is to beat last year's time, which will actually be quite the challenge since I've spent little to no time being physical in the last 2 months.

So with 22 days and a lot of open water and road in front of me here are the times to beat:

Swim: 0:12:48.030

Bike: 0:35:42.980

Overall Time w/Transitions: 0:53:18.895

Emily Wraygoals, triathlon