Take Out Project


Things have been quiet here on the el Wray Design front. I've finally down-shifted to a normal human pace after running ragged for a few months. In the calm that's followed I've been able to read a few books, take in a few movies and even indulge in nap or two. One of the things I'm most excited about is the time I've had to dig deeper into a personal labor of love - the Take Out Project.

The Take Out Project, a ceramics sharing program, is the brainchild of Tallahassee artist Julie Guyot. The idea is a simple one, but many folks have a hard time grasping there's no cost or catch. The Take Out Project loans out a handmade ceramic piece, perhaps a serving dish or a pair of mugs. Using the piece, you host a dinner or a party or even just a friend for coffee. Then you tell us how it went. That's it.

The Take Out Project asks us to slow down and think about what we are consuming - both in terms of what we purchase and what we use in our homes - and what we put into our bodies. In doing so, we reconnect with ourselves, those closest to us and the community in which we live.

When Julie first approached me with idea of the Take Out Project, she could barely get three words out before I wholeheartedly agreed to help any way I could. In addition to branding the project and building it's online presence, I wanted champion the cause and help spread the word.

A few months back Julie and I discussed setting up a pilot program to help flesh out the project. Several supporters were loaned ceramic pieces and were asked to document how they used them. Flattered to be included in the first of these Take Out Project experiments, I had no idea how deeply I would be touched by the initiative. I will share my story here in the coming days. Stay tuned...