Custom Card Design


Recently I was tapped by the New Media Consortium to design custom playing cards for a game they were organizing with attendees of their 20th Annual Conference. The game focused on debating the usefulness and viability of various pedagogies and educational technologies.

For my part, I created a consistent aesthetic for 4 distinct categories of cards, as well as designed supporting pieces, such as rule, question and acknowledgement cards. Overall, there 108 individual cards.

The game itself was based on the CU Online Card Game, created by the University of Colorado Denver. Both games were based on The Meta Game created by Local No. 12 and developed with their generous support.

How to Play

  1. Gather two players and judge. “Wanna play?”
  2. Have the judge select a QUESTION card from their deck. “Which one is better?”
  3. Each player selects a COMPARISON card from their hand and shows it. “iOS or Android?”
  4. Either player can concede the challenge at this point. “I give up!”
  5. If neither player concedes, each player has two minutes to argue why their card is a better answer to the QUESTION. The judge determines who was more persuasive. “Obviously, my card is better!”
  6. The winner randomly draws one card from the loser’s collection. “I’ll get you next time!”