Recently I was awarded a "Scholarship for Real Life" from the World Domination Foundation to support the digital storytelling workshop I've helped facilitate in Petersburg, Alaska for the last few years.

Digital storytelling is a short form production allows anyone to leverage the power of new media tools to share their ‘story’. These stories usually take the form of a 2-5 minute multimedia piece that combines photographs, video, music, text, and a narrative voice.

The scholarship application process gave me a reason to pause and reflect, not only on the importance of the work, but also on all the hands and hearts that make it happen.

Before the scholarship, this project was simply known to all involved as “that digital storytelling workshop we facilitate in Alaska each summer.”

In support of the application process, we were inspired to create an identity around the work, build a web site, and expand our own ideas of what’s possible.

Thank you World Domination Foundation!

Emily Wraydigital storytelling