Why Bloom's Taxonomy?

I get a lot of questions about the RISE Model, so I decided to start answering them here.

Why did you choose to structure the RISE Model around Bloom’s Taxonomy?

The short answer about Bloom’s is that the taxonomy offers an existing and supported framework to introduce higher order thinking skills in the giving and receiving of feedback.

It's something most educators already know and understand…

…Thus giving them a foundation on which to build peer feedback exercises with their students.

The alignment with Bloom’s was designed to tap into deeper, more critical levels of thinking. It’s low hanging fruit just to compliment or insult someone’s work, but when you have to back up your comments with a BECAUSE or WHY that’s rooted in the course curriculum, then the feedback has more dimension and potential value.

And as students move through Bloom’s with the RISE Model, it’s almost as if they partner up with their peer, they’re invested in their performance, effort, contribution - but not just for what it is, but what it could be.

The Suggest and Elevate levels of RISE could almost be looked at as collaborative problem solving.

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