Instagram as a Teaching Portfolio

As an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) I get the privilege of APPLYING to attend their annual conference. I naively assumed that once I was in, well, I was in!

While the title and accolade endure after induction, it is a privilege to attend the annual ADE Institute. Space is limited, so you must apply.

I ain’t mad at ya Apple. I get it. The best conferences are those attended by educators who are actively engaged in the conversation of what, how, and why we do what we do.

Last year I applied to attend and was denied. Ouch, but motivating. I knew I was doing a lot of cool stuff with my kids and with the community, but I was too busy to package and promote the work in a way that told a compelling story.

When you apply for an ADE Institute you have to create a video that addresses a few select questions in under 60 seconds.

These are this year’s questions:

  1. What ideas or transformations in learning have you implemented in the past year that you can't wait to share at ADE Institute 2019?

  2. How has the Apple ecosystem uniquely helped in this transformation?

  3. What are the most compelling outcomes you have seen with your learners?

  4. How do you share your story to influence the broader education community?

Try addressing all that in one minute! This was my attempt.

Application accepted! ADE Institute 2019 here I come!

Shoutout to my buddy David Morillo for being my accountability partner and for his acceptance into the ADE Class of 2019!

I’ve since updated my Insta handle from @educationmediadesign to @emilymakessense