RISE Model: ADE 2019

For all my #ADE2019 colleagues looking to meaningfully unpack the experience…

The RISE Model - ADE style! Feel free to share.

REFLECT - Acknowledgment & Articulation

How did your attitude, logic, and behaviors influence your ADE 2019 experience? What resonated? What didn’t?

INQUIRE - Insight Through Analysis

What concepts or connections do you need to revisit after the institute? To what end? What resources (human and tech) are available to you to push forward in your professional practice?

SUGGEST - Iterative Ideas

How will you prepare for future ADE events? How will continue to contribute to the community?

ELEVATE - Meaning Making

How will you approach other professional development events/opportunities as an ADE? How will you contribute to the wider world of education?

RISE Model Emily Wray ADE 2019