"Who Are You Right Now?"

"Do you ever get it wrong?" he asks.

"All the time," I answer.

As I walk out of class, my mind replays the conversations.

Did I push too hard? Not enough?

Does he know I care?

Does she know she's wondrous?

Do they know how much I need them too?

@jeremycowart asked me a single question in preparation for our shoot…

"Who are you right now?"

So much of the last few years has been about teaching and learning. Teaching is the most convenient way to describe what I do, but learning is more accurate.

Growing up, my mom thought I should be an artist, my dad thought I should be an attorney.

A handful of people thought I might end up a teacher. It's funny the things other people see in us that we're not able (or ready) to see for ourselves.

📸 @jeremycowart