The Perfect Headshot

Do you know what a color checker passport is?

Yeah, me neither.

Good thing I have students who can teach me things. Thanks to my mentor Shane Valentine @shanevalentinephoto for all you do to keep me in the know.

This swatch of gray I am holding up in the perfect 50/50 blend of pure black and pure white. When you bring this RAW image into Adobe Lightroom, you can use it to calibrate your white balance settings and reduce the light pollution bouncing off other surfaces in the room.

Shane is the master of light and the perfect headshot. These are test shots from a shoot we did for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) yesterday. These were taken in a poorly lit boardroom with loads of clutter. It was 8am, I was in a Full Sail t-shirt with no make-up. I share those details only as a testament to his talent.

📸 @shanevalentinephoto

Emily Wray NAWBO