Rain Drops on Roses...

If I sat down to make a list of my favorite things, collaborating with local ceramics artist Julie Guyot would be one of them.  Julie and I have a ton in common, including the business of art.

The challenging part of working with Julie, or any other creative, is finding a way to elevate their art/vision through my design.  For example, when we worked on Julie's web site, we decided it needed to be a blank canvas, like a wall in a gallery, to showcase her work.

So when Julie asked me to help create new merchandise tags and a banner for her upcoming appearance at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago on September 11-12th...

...let's just say I was honored!

The Renegade is a unique collection of indie artists from all over the nation, showcasing their incredible talent in crafting handmade goods. Being chosen to exhibit at The Renegade is no small feat, so a BIG CONGRATS to Julie for being selected and a BIG THANKS for enlisting my help with the marketing materials.

This is what Julie had to say about our recent collaboration:

"I feel like you looked at my work and created something that really represents what I am doing."