And the winner is...

Last month I created a new mailing list to keep friends of el Wray Design "in the know."  As you may recall, I promised to give away 2 FREE hours of service each month as a thank you to those who subscribed.

August's lucky winner is... Cyndy Hughes!

For those of you curious as to how Cyndy was selected as this month's winner, let me assure you, it was a highly scientific process.

When a user subscribes to my mailing list, they are issued an ID number.  When it was time to select the winner, I generated a random number using an online random number generator.  I then matched the random number to the subscriber's ID.  Viola!

I will be giving away another 2 hours of service next month, so if you haven't already subscribed... Do it here!

And to all my early bird subscribers, don't worry, you will remain eligible to win.

More good things to come - I'll be sure to report back on what Cyndy and I get up to!