Photography 101

At the recent World Domination Summit (WDS) I had the good fortune of sitting in on a photography workshop led by Karen Walrond (@Chookooloonks) - author, photographer extraordinaire. She offered 5 simple tips for hobbyists to take their pictures to the next level.

Short Version:

  1. 100 Paces Exercise - March 100 paces outside your front door and shoot a handful of shots.
  2. Turn of the Flash - Natural lighting is more true to the mood of a moment.
  3. Unmade Bed Exercise - Take pics of the folds and twists of your bed sheet at different times of day to notice the change in light and shadow.
  4. Take it Off Program - Make the jump from automatic to manual settings.
  5. Shoot Shoot Shoot - If you want to be a better writer - write. If you want to be a better photographer - shoot.

So what I learned, in addition to the aforementioned tips, is that as a designer, I need space to create... non-work-related activities to explore and take risks with. To that end, I plan to take more pictures and post them here. You'll see...

100 Paces Exercise