World Domination Summit - A Reflection in Tweets

While I try to wrap my head around the awesomeness that was the World Domination Summit in Portland OR this past weekend, I thought I would share my thoughts, insights, A-HAs as they occurred during the conference.

So many people have asked about the event... but I've gone so cerebral about it, that I can hardly find the words to describe the experience. So until my brain starts working again, here are the highlights a la Twitter.


Early insight from ... Tap into your roots. Strengthen your strengths and surround yourself with support to minimize weaknesses

Biggest surprise thus far via Leo Babauta... Set no goals

Inspiring chat with fellow educator

Via Re: effective use of tech... Never before has a generation (x) been in such a place to shepherd the one before and after

proposing transcendence through the marriage of service and self-expression - powerful

Karen Walrond is a great speaker/presence. Highly recommend staying for her session at 5:15pm

- the language we use to frame moments of uncertainty affect our ability to move through them - disaster vs opportunity

Negative capability - taking bold action in a place of uncertainty - moving forward w/o the comfort of a known result

Zillion sum game? Wasn't in his session but want to hear more about this

Bringing people into the creative process... it's your responsibility to lead, escalating attention to your vision

Day #1 Take-Away: Unwavering acceptance of self

shared so much brilliance yesterday other than her comment on corporations particularly her follow-up re: divisiveness

Can't wait to see what's unearthed today. Good morning!

Blessing from & this AM: You can be brave in love

Mondo Beyondo presentation take away: Ritualize your values

Thanks to & for the handwritten notes - the gesture was certainly appreciated and worth a standing O

Bummed Neil Pasricha couldn't join us this AM, but appreciate his message of gratitude and good fortune in 1000 Awesome Things

Looked for you after the session for zillion sum game insight, but you escaped into the crowd! Will check your blog - thx

Needed 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep to marinate on all the ideas and inspirations from the World Domination Summit - Now I'm awake

Post reflection - It's a rare thing to be in a room of people who, without knowing you, believe in you.