World Domination Summit

Image Credit: Armosa Studios

Image Credit: Armosa Studios

Recently I had the opportunity to present an update on one of my digital storytelling projects, the Voices of Petersburg, at the World Domination Summit (WDS).

WDS is an annual gathering of like-minded individuals living the core values of:

Community, Service, and Adventure.

People travel from all over the world to attend this sold-out conference in Portland, Oregon.

In 2015, the Voices of Petersburg team was awarded a "Scholarship for Real Life" from the WDS Foundation, the non-profit arm of the organization.

With their support, we were able to make a lasting impact in Petersburg in 2015. For the first time, we extended our workshop into the local community and introduced a mobile device based curriculum.  We also conducted several “train-the-trainer” sessions to teach clinicians at Petersburg Mental Health how to engage their clients with therapeutic digital storytelling.

Working with the foundation led to a remarkable shift in perspective. The biggest gift of this experience was the realization of the initial short-sightedness of our vision.

We are now asking “What if?” in an entirely new way.

Being a part of this community has given us the accountability and support to systematically and confidently move our work into realms we never dreamed possible.

Thanks WDS!

Emily Wray