Meet Sady

Sady's Graduation from Full Sail University - Photo Credit: Shawn Rinehart

Sady's Graduation from Full Sail University - Photo Credit: Shawn Rinehart

Nearly five years ago I was introduced to Sady Paulson through a digital story created Mark Coppin, a student in my Filmmaking Principles in Education course. Mark is the Director of Assistive Technology at the Anne Carlsen Center and also an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Through his video portrait, I got to know Sady, a self-proclaimed:

"Normal girl with dreams."

You see, Sady has Cerebral Palsy, but it’s never held her back. With the help of assistive technology and accessibility champions like Mark, she’s relentlessly pursued her passion for directing and video editing.

Prior to starting her Digital Cinematography degree at Full Sail University, Sady needed a simple portfolio web site to showcase her video editing skills. It just so happens I do that kind of work and, because we have so many mutual friends, Sady and I were able to connect on this project.

Sady's First Portfolio Site

Sady's First Portfolio Site

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Sady completed her 32-month bachelor's program - with honors I might add! As a Full Sail faculty member, I had the unique opportunity to watch Sady’s educational journey unfold, both through her frequent Facebook posts about her homework and conversations with her instructors about her progress.

We were awestruck!

Sady’s now pursuing her Masters in Human and Social Services at Walden University and hopes to use her talents to make strong contributions in the areas of accessibility, social justice, and belonging. She frequently gives presentations about the impact technology has had in her life and her story was even featured on the Apple web site.

The Sady I know is a normal girl, but her commitment to achieving her dreams also makes her extraordinary!

Go Sady!

Emily Wray