Community Partnerships


One of the many facets of my role as a faculty member at Full Sail University is to manage our department's Industry Partnership Program. Through this initiative, local businesses and organizations team up with my Media Communications students and alumni on real world projects.

These partnerships help our students integrate knowledge and experiences to cultivate a stronger understanding of professional work environments.

One of the strongest relationships we've built has been with Orlando's Zebra Coalition, which is a network of organizations that provide services to LGBTQ+ youth in the Central Florida region.

In preparation for one of their biggest outreach events of the year, my students were challenged to create short social videos to help promote Zebra's presence at Orlando's Come Out With Pride Festival. Using only the Clips app from Apple and a collection of shared media assets, students created videos like the one below to help raise awareness of Zebra's services and drive traffic to their booth at the event.

On the day of the event I lead a team of student volunteers in capturing video and photo content for the Zebra Coalition to utilize in their promotional materials year-round. Using the assets we collected, my students created montage videos like the one below.

It's worth mentioning that, even though my students have access and knowledge to use sophisticated cameras and software, the piece above was shot on an iPhone and edited with iMovie.