Raves for RISE


Jessica Reider, one of my Media Communications students, recently published an article on the impact that giving and receiving effective feedback has had on her as a creative. In the piece entitled "You Should Embrace All The Feedback And Improve Your Work" Jessica talks about her initial resistance to sharing her work and how she took critiques personally rather than as a positive, productive way to guide her creative process.

The well-written, humorous article goes on to highlight who you should request feedback from and who should be avoided at all costs. As one of her instructors, I appreciate Jessica's discernment in knowing that not all feedback you receive needs to be applied.

In the article Jessica gives a nod to the RISE Model and credits the tool with helping her learn how to give quality feedback and strengthen her collaboration skills.

By embracing the RISE Model and utilizing it, I have become far more adept at communicating with other creators and working collaboratively to elevate both their work and my own. The RISE model can help direct you in providing quality feedback by reflecting on the work, inquiring about what you may not understand, suggesting improvements and elevating future iterations all in a meaningful way.
— Jessica Reider

Community Partnerships


One of the many facets of my role as a faculty member at Full Sail University is to manage our department's Industry Partnership Program. Through this initiative, local businesses and organizations team up with my Media Communications students and alumni on real world projects.

These partnerships help our students integrate knowledge and experiences to cultivate a stronger understanding of professional work environments.

One of the strongest relationships we've built has been with Orlando's Zebra Coalition, which is a network of organizations that provide services to LGBTQ+ youth in the Central Florida region.

In preparation for one of their biggest outreach events of the year, my students were challenged to create short social videos to help promote Zebra's presence at Orlando's Come Out With Pride Festival. Using only the Clips app from Apple and a collection of shared media assets, students created videos like the one below to help raise awareness of Zebra's services and drive traffic to their booth at the event.

On the day of the event I lead a team of student volunteers in capturing video and photo content for the Zebra Coalition to utilize in their promotional materials year-round. Using the assets we collected, my students created montage videos like the one below.

It's worth mentioning that, even though my students have access and knowledge to use sophisticated cameras and software, the piece above was shot on an iPhone and edited with iMovie.

Apple Distinguished School


Full Sail Labs was recently recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2017–2019 for its use of Apple hardware and software in its creative curriculum. Dr. Holly Ludgate, Director of Learning for Full Sail Labs, approached me several months ago to write the copy for their application. As an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and Course Director at Full Sail University, she felt I was in the perfect position to tell the story of the Labs. 

What’s unique about the ADS application is that it's required to be submitted as a multi-touch iBook.

Although I enjoy copywriting, the majority of my freelance and consulting is in design. I was excited about the opportunity to flex some different muscles and team up with the Full Sail Labs designer to create something representative of their innovative learning environment.

Download the digital book or view a preview below.